My 2012 News Year Resolution

With the 2012 New Year just around the corner, I believe its time to make a resolution for myself…and by resolution I believe its best to set some realistic goals.  Here are the following:

1)  Finish Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.  Though Russian literature may seem to be intimidating to many amateur readers like myself…I believe with a certain amount of integrity and willpower–I believe its feasible to finish this book.  I have always wanted to finish Tolstoy’s book but I’ve been putting it away many times.  By the end of 2012, I would finish this book.

2) Lose 15-20 lbs for my sister’s wedding (April 2012).  My weight has been fluctuating from 145 to 155 since and I think its time that I find myself a healthy median.  My goal is to drop around 135 lb, which I weighed in before transferring to UC Davis.  I believe with more home cook meal and more boxing at the gym, I can shed a couple of unnecessary weight.

3) No girlfriend.  Apparently, I am still going through a healing process from my last relationship and I strongly believe I need this time to really focus on my goals.  I need to regain my composure, momentum, and most importantly my passion.  I’m going to be fine with the idea of being single.  I need to learn to love myself more before I can invest with someone else.  Its selfish I know.

4) Following up with Tolstoy’s book, I’m going to promise myself to read more literature.  Whether its mystery, science fiction, romance, nonfiction, short stories…anything.  The point is I need to develop a repertoire of vocabularies, as well as a strong literary critical analysis.  This will help aid in my mastery of the English language.  So far, I’m finishing up Kundera’s Unbearable Lightness of Being

5) With reading, I’m sure it will enhance my writing skills.  I hope to find the time to write every single day.  Whether it be one sentence, one paragraph, one blog entry…whatever, the practice of jotting down words will help me become a better writer.

6) Regain my self-confidence.  This is self explanatory.  Essentially, I’m done putting on a mask.  I’m done being a “chameleon”, adapting and changing to every little scenario in order to please other people.  I need to not give a hoot and be comfortable in my own shell.  With a little self-improvement and confidence, I’ll be a better person.  Still the same person…but a more compose nonetheless.

7) Make the best use of my last quarter at UC Davis.  That means, go to office hours, engage more in class discussions, and don’t procrastinate.

8) Become a better boxer.  Eat healthier, more road work, more mitt works, more punching bag…more of everything.

9) Get at least one internship relating to journalism.

10) Be happy. Smile and enjoy the simplicity of life.  Life is beautiful.  I can’t find any other way to describe this without coming off as a hippie…but really, be happy.  Don’t indulge in hate, jealousy, or any other worthless anxiety.  I should just let nature takes its course and be happy.  I’ve lived a quarter of my life, so why should I invest the other half sulking and hating right? Right. So be happy.

This New Year is going to be an investment of self-improvement.  Hopefully by the end of 2012, I can revisit this blog entry and check every single one of them.  Happy New Year everyone.


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